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International Journal of Research in Management

Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part A (2023)

Review of literature on women entrepreneurship in India


Laxmi Devi


The difference in the friendly surface of the Indian culture, like the extended instructive status of women and vacillated longings for better living, required a change in the lifestyle of Indian women. Entrepreneurs expect vital work in any economy. These are everybody who has the right stuff and movement essential to take extraordinary new designs to market and make the right decisions to make the idea profitable.

The award for the perils taken is the potential monetary advantages the entrepreneur could procure. Entrepreneurship for Women’s improvement is a basic piece of human asset. In Contrast with various countries, the advancement of women’s entrepreneurship is low in India, especially in provincial regions. Women entrepreneurship is getting importance in India in the ongoing financial condition. It has been recognized as a strong development toward dejection relief in the country.

There exists a summary of effective business individuals’ entrepreneurs both in friendly and monetary fields in India. As a matter of fact, a "women entrepreneur" is any woman who organizes and manages any endeavor with critical action and danger. The current examination has been an undertaking to create care and to appreciate the meaning, and legitimization of expansion. A wide composing review is finished on women entrepreneurs in India.

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International Journal of Research in Management
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Laxmi Devi. Review of literature on women entrepreneurship in India. Int. J. Res. Manage. 2023;5(1):48-53. DOI: 10.33545/26648792.2023.v5.i1a.69
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