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International Journal of Research in Management

Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part C (2023)

Comparative analysis of anti-Plagiarism tools: Turnitin and others


Akshay Kumar and Abhash Kumar


This paper gives a basic understanding of plagiarism and the research guidelines along with the comparison of anti-plagiarism tools. It also tries to find the reasons for popularity of Turnitin among the research community. The paper found that some of the tools are better in performance as compared to others in few parameters of comparison while other tools are preferred in some distinct criteria. Turnitin that stores the uploaded contents automatically increasing its database and the feasibility to researchers has been the popular amongst the various anti-plagiarism tools due to such features. To make it more user friendly, a few suggestions are also given by this paper.

Pages: 237-240  |  152 Views  55 Downloads

How to cite this article:
Akshay Kumar and Abhash Kumar. Comparative analysis of anti-Plagiarism tools: Turnitin and others. Int. J. Res. Manage. 2023;5(2):237-240. DOI: 10.33545/26648792.2023.v5.i2c.117
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